Buying a Tow bar (and wiring kit) for my Ford C-Max

The caravan was towed back to the old house with my old Ford Focus and was also towed to work with it. However when I moved jobs and needed it towed I had got rid of the Focus and got a 1.6 Diesel C-Max instead. I enlisted the help of a friend Guy to tow the caravan to the storage yard as the C-Max didn’t have a tow bar.

So with the Lockdown in place due to Covid-19 it seemed a good time to install a tow bar for towing the caravan as the restoration was actually going ahead now!

Looked at some local tow bar installers and for a removable swan neck with Ford specific wiring they wanted £475 +. So after getting up off the floor I fired up Fleabay (where I got the tow bar & electrics for the Focus) and had a look around. Lots of people selling them and 90% of the tow bars seem to be made in Italy. I secured one for the princly sum of £106.74 delivered from onlytowbars. I didn’t want a generic electric system with it as the C-Max has a CANbus system so I thought I’d do a propoer job and get a Ford specific wiring kit.

Tow Bar components
Towbar components.

More searching on Fleabay and one was located for £68. An email was sent to the Ford dealer who was selling it to check it was the correct kit. They replied the next day saying it wasn’t but did give me the Part No 1930040 and a link to another dealer who was selling one. Had a good read of the description and it said “All you need to ensure your trailer’s lighting and electrical systems work safely.” fantastic!! £68 lighter after pushing the buy it now button I had a C-Max specific wiring kit on its way to me.

Part No 1930040

So after a few days it arrived, box opened…lots of wires, a 13 pin socket, plugs etc…looked good. Now to have a read of the instructions. First page of the English instructions, first line in BOLD started…“Also required: (not included in kit)” AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH….*#?£$%^&#££ (or words to that effect!!)

So…….back on ebay and another £60.99 lighter a relay module Part No DT1J-19H378-CF was on it’s way to me.

The offending “Not included in kit” item…
Trailer relay module…

Read on McDuff thought I……get to page 29/44 and look in car boot to see what my wiring looks like…the middle pic, go to view 4…

No fuse terminal blade sticking out here…

OK, turns page…..view 4…no fuse No26 terminal blade sticking through so I need Part No AMAM5J-19H465-BA….OHHHHH (and another long line of expletives…..)

Back on flipping Fleabay…..£28.99 lighter…..(you seeing a pattern here???) and another piece of kit was winging its way to me…

This is what £28.99 looks like…not alot!

Open the instructions……and as Victor Meldrew used to say…….”I don’t believe it…” I needed a 40A fuse Part No 1148212. Ah a fuse/circuit breaker, will be nice and cheap. Well it would have been if they sold them singularly….no I had to buy a pack of 5 for £15….

As long as I don’t blow any the 4 remaining are going back on Fleabay!!!

Well I’ve had it with electrics now so I’m going to fit the tow bar!!

One thought on “Buying a Tow bar (and wiring kit) for my Ford C-Max

  • I contacted Ford and asked them what wiring kit I needed for my focus towbar electrics. they recommenced – Focus Electrical Kit for Tow Bar 13 pin connector 09/2014 – 03/2018 £120
    I bought the same kit as you did. I read the instructions and checked my car and saw I would also need the additional components. Luckily it was within 14 days of my order so its now on its way back to Ford for a refund.

    I am now buying an ECS vehicle specific kit for my focus for £110.

    2 weeks and hours of time spent researching what I really needed, very disappointed with Ford as a result their web site could be much clearer about what is needed. I just found your post having completed my investigations if only I had found your post before…

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