Fitting the towbar

Towbar components
Towbar components

One sunny Saturday….I decided to fit the towbar. After the wiring shenanigans I decided to do a bit of mechanical work, which I’m far more comfortable with! I didn’t take photos of taking off the bumper as it’s pretty easy. There are 3 screws in the wheelarch holding the liner in place. These are Torx screws so you’ll need a set of those (I got a new set from B&Q for about £7 as the ones I had in my very old Draper socket set were missing) and I think I used the T20 & T25 ones. Pull the liner back and you’ll see a single Torx screw holding the bumper on, unscrew this. Repeat for the other wheel arch. You don’t need to take the rear wheels off but it would make access easier. Next ther are 2 torx screws on the inside by the rear lights, unscrew these on both sides. Next get on the ground and look under the bumper, there are two (one each side) of the annoying press studs holding the bumper on to some brackets, prise these out without snapping them if you can! All that is left is to unclip the rear parking sensor wiring and you can take the bumper off. To do this you start at the wheel arch and pull the bumper up and away, do this on both sides and then the bumper can be slid off.

Bumper removed.
Put to one side.

Next the steel cross bar needs to be removed, there are 3 nuts on each side to undo. It simply slides off, or drops on the floor if you’re not holding it.

2 of the 3 nuts removed.
Cross bar removed, here’s the bracket the push fit stud goes into to hold the bumper on.

Next step is to slide the plates in the chassis channels and fit the 2 off M10x30 hex head bolts with penny washers and grip washers (can’t think of the proper term atm!), don’t fully tighten yet, just finger tight! Do this for both sides and then offer up the towbar cross piece. Again losely put in the M10 bolts and make sure everything is aligned correctly. When you’re happy that everythig is correct, aligned and level go ahead and tighten the bolts up to the correct torque (55Nm for M10 & 85Nm for M12) with your torque wrench.

One of the two M10 bolts holding the plates into the chassis chanel.
Plates in the chanels, cross beam fitted.

Next the towball assy can be fitted, this is 2 plates and the removable swan neck holder. I also fitted the 13 pin socket to the holder and ran the wire along the beam, under the car and through the hole in the boot (removing the rubber blanking plug first!)

I will be checking these for tightness before and after it’s first use!

Next refit the bumper in the reverse order or removal. No cut out was needed but it’s just touching the bumper.

Test fit of the bumper, it’s not screwed back on yet.
Just touches the bottom of the bumper.

That’s it, towbar now on. Next are the electrics…

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