Initial assessment and pictures

So we got it home pretty uneventfully, not all the rear lights were working so was waiting to be pulled over and have my ear bent along with a producer…but it was our lucky day!

The first thing my wife said was that the cushions had to go, she wasn’t sitting/sleeping on them. In all fairness they were pretty grotty and stained and had definitely seen better days.

The cushions (and sundry items that came with the caravan like some jerry cans for the water) were duly piled up for dispatch to the local household recycling centre and then the caravan was parked on the drive whilst we took a good look inside to see what needed doing.

The caravan had seen a “makeover” before, someone had gone to town with some gold stickers, sticky-backed plastic (can’t think of that word without images of Blue Peter presenters sticking some garish print onto a folder, or washing up bottle) and glue on trim. Before anything else was done these were peeled off to see what was underneath.

By this time we’d decided to rip the whole lot out and start again. Yes we could have used cupboard paint to paint the wood work, patched up the things that were broken (Shelves, kitchen unit) and generally fixed it up, however we’d been away glamping in a Shepherds Hut which had lovely oak furniture and that kind of spoiled us.

Now to give it a bit of a wash as it was a bit grubby, the pictures don’t show how grubby it was. It wasn’t the usual green stuff that was on it but brown and black bits.

The electrics were not how I’d have liked them. Not 100% comfortable with the wiring being screwd to the carpet and as well as being a bit old was just a bit shoddy. Also took a look underneath to see where/how the wiring went, that needs tidying up too!

So now to rip out the whole of the inside and start again from scratch, in for a penny and all that! I had a helper as my son came down to stay for the weekend so it didn’t take long. Lots was screwed to the wallboard but lots were riveted. I drilled most of these out, some came out cleanly, some just spun round & others pulled out…I had just discovered the joys of peel rivets!

So there you have it, one Sprite 400 caravan more or less gutted. I’ve got more pictures somewhere but at the moment cannot find them. As and when I do I’ll update this page.

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