Main seating design & fabrication

The original seats were surprisingly flimsy when taken out, they got a lot of their strength I guess from being riveted to the walls and screwed to the floor. The new seating will also be riveted to the walls and floor using corner brackets screwed to the frame (stainless steel screws so they don’t rust) but will have enough sterngth (without too much weight penalty I hope!)

So, back to the storage compound with tape measure, a square, pieces of oak to do a second measure of lengths, cut outs (wheel arch) etc.

Back home and onto the CAD program and the design was tweaked. To negate the curved back wall (didn’t really fancy steaming the oak and bending it) I’m going to put a cup/glass shelf between the seats along the back. This will also have a double socket with USB charging points in.

So, happier with the measurements (measured twice…) out came the chop saw, drill etc. to fabricate a base.

Base frame

NExt day, back to the storage compound to see if…sorry check how it fits…

As can be seen from the above pictures, it does fit (both sides) well so I now can crack on and make the units. These can be fully assembled at home and put in when the flooring is down (and walls decorated) as they are small enough to fit through the door and can be manouvered about once inside.

Next lot of progress will be repoted once I’ve had a chance to get back on it.

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