Painting the outside

We wanted to paint the outside of the caravan and get rid of the 1980’s go faster stripes so it looked more ‘retro’. I got some paint mixed from Bailey’s Paints in Stroud ( who I can highly recomend if you’re in the area.

My wife peeled the plastic stripes off with a heat gun as well as the plastic Sprite logos and I set about painting the outside. We have gone with a cream (can’t remember the exact shade/name and the RAL colour is torn of the label unfortunately!) and something that’s meant to be grey, however it’s a lovely light green colour in reality, RAL 9002 to be precise. I used a mini roller with special foam rollers (expensive!) for the paint (air drying enamel) otherwise the usual cheap DIY gloss rollers disintegrated and left bits of sponge everywhere…go on ask me how I know!

The painting has been done for about 18 months now and I’ve still not cut in round the front window and there are other bits still to do. It could do with another complete coat (after a damn good wash!) all over after doing bit of repairing where there are some patches of aluminium corrosion going on and some holes that need to be filled.

Not alot more to say about the painting apart from it looks 100% better now even though it still needs finishing off.

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