Fitting the towbar

One sunny Saturday….I decided to fit the towbar. After the wiring shenanigans I decided to do a bit of mechanical work, which I’m far more comfortable with! I didn’t take photos of taking off the bumper as it’s pretty easy. There are 3 screws in the wheelarch holding the liner in place. These are Torx […]

Buying a Tow bar (and wiring kit) for my Ford C-Max

The caravan was towed back to the old house with my old Ford Focus and was also towed to work with it. However when I moved jobs and needed it towed I had got rid of the Focus and got a 1.6 Diesel C-Max instead. I enlisted the help of a friend Guy to tow […]

Main seating design & fabrication

The original seats were surprisingly flimsy when taken out, they got a lot of their strength I guess from being riveted to the walls and screwed to the floor. The new seating will also be riveted to the walls and floor using corner brackets screwed to the frame (stainless steel screws so they don’t rust) […]

Furniture construction begins!

“Measure twice, cut once” I made a mistake when doing some DIY and cut a piece of wood too short at our last house and since then my lovely wife says this to me every time I embark on a project, and many many times throughout… So with that in mind I headed back to […]

Thinking of Starting Fabrication

I bought 10 off 4.2m lengths of 20mm x 20mm sized/planed oak strip from Nick’s Timber ( in Gloucester and 2 sheets of 3.6mm plywood. The framing will be in oak and I’ll rout out grooves (5mm deep) in the oak frames to slot the ply in. The frames will be glued and doweled together […]

Measuring up and starting the design!

So, rather than fly by the seat of my pants and wing the construction, the engineer in me fired up the CAD program and started drawing some ideas using the 20mm square oak as a frame and inserting 3.6mm ply panels for strength and lightness where needed. First some measurements were needed so I could […]

Painting the outside

We wanted to paint the outside of the caravan and get rid of the 1980’s go faster stripes so it looked more ‘retro’. I got some paint mixed from Bailey’s Paints in Stroud ( who I can highly recomend if you’re in the area. My wife peeled the plastic stripes off with a heat gun […]