“The beginning…”

So I was sat at the laptop doing some eBay one evening and on one of my searches for RC Aeroplane bits a caravan listing was at the bottom of the page. It piqued my interest as it was finishing in 10 minutes and at the time was only going for £540 which I thought was cheap. I watched it and continued looking at cheap caravans thinking it would be good for my wife and I to have a small one to go away exploring in on weekends. The caravan went for £750 in the end (I think it was a 1990 Musketeer 4 berth from memory) which was more than I wanted to pay but still good value.

I carried on looking and there were several 1970’s Sprite caravans on for around £2000 which had been restored to be ‘chic retro’ which I quite liked and so did my wife.

Typical Retro eBay caravan
Typical Retro eBay caravan

As quite often happens my mind started thinking….we could do that, I’d do the fabricating and the interior design would be the domain of the boss.

I kept looking on eBay and watching lots of caravans to see what they went for. One fateful mid week night I was looking and a 1980’s Sprite 400 was advertised located in Pontypool, starting price was £300 and was on a 3 day listing finishing at 6.30pm on a Wednesday…the watch button was duly pressed.

The blurb said that it was bought as a first caravan for their family but as they had 3 children was too small so were selling to fund a larger caravan. It had never been used by them and had sat there for a few years but was dry as far as they could tell, came with an awning (not sure if all there as never put up) but they had not tested the electric or gas to see if it worked.

Hmm…Pontypool’s not that far away….I’ll just watch it and see….5.30pm came on the Wednesday and no bids, 5.45pm and still no bids. 6.15pm and someone bid on it, it was at £300! Now I was thinking shall I put a bid on to see, hmm how much shall I go up to? How much do I have in the bank account..hmm not much as I’d just had the car serviced. 6.27pm and it was still at £300…what to do? I’d not discussed actually buying one at this present time, hmm I’ll just put a bid in for £400 at the last minute and see what happens, don’t recon I’ll get it but we’ll see what it goes for. 6.29pm and I put in a bid for £400 with 15 seconds to go…the conputer whirrs refreshing the page, was I too late, had I missed it. After what seemed like an eternity the page refreshed and I saw “Congratulations you were the highest bidder…” first thoughts were “Oh bugger…” swiftly followed by “it only went for £310!”

With some trepidation I went into the lounge to tell the ‘good news’. “Erm…you know I’ve been looking at small caravans, well guess what darling, we’ve got a caravan!” I told her about the caravan I’d showed her earlier in the week and how I had been watching it and it had a starting price of £300 (all the while I was getting a ‘hmm…go on’ look) and that the first bid had been put on at 6.15pm and that I put a sneaky last minute bid in for £400 but it had only gone for £310. Her first reaction was, “how are you going to get it? You’d best put a towbar on the car.”

Back onto eBay and 10 minutes later a towbar and 12N universal wiring loom kit was winging it’s way to me on a next working day courrier delivery.

Towbar was delivered and fitted on the Friday afternoon and on Saturday 16th July 2016 we went and picked up the caravan and that was the beginning…

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